Where is the beauty in death? It comes in the value of life… And life is not as meaningful without the strife.

Did you know a Monarch butterfly lives only four months? The same age as many infants who die of SIDS. Shortened lives cannot be taken by bids.

God is the great Giver and Taker, our Creator. What is the purpose in His plan? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is still a mystery to man.

God knows growth comes in pain. The same way a butterfly struggles to burst from its cocoon, loved ones struggle to live when a child is gone too soon.

To reach its final destination a butterfly without knowing extraordinarily travels several thousand miles. Similarly, a small child touches so many hearts with it’s beautiful smiles.

Where are we in forever? Eternity it seems is obscured to man, but, God who sees and knows all throughout– has given us hope in the gift of His Son taking death’s sting without.

God sends His angels and calls them back. He gives comfort in mourning as we open eyes to see. Yet, some just feel what they lack.

I know God loves all His children. He sent His Son so we can all live again and bring peace to the children of men.

Its our choice to see the beauty. Death is not the end– may faith, hope, and love ever be our friends!


What did I do?

Have you ever done something you later regretted, but at the time it seemed like a good idea?  I may have recently been informed by someone dear to me that I had done something socially impaired and I had no idea at the time the impacts it made on other people. Without going into details, I will try to explain the effects. One person who was most directly effected had a great time as a result of my decision. However a second party inadvertently didn’t have as good a time because of this first person, and it was my fault. This second party was the reason for the ‘good times together’ and I felt awful so I called them up to ask forgiveness which they frankly gave. This helped me see a parallel with the Savior. Even though we all mess up, the Savior is willing to  infinitely forgive us for the wrongs we do as we strive to repent. We also do nothing of ourselves to merit the good He gives us and through the atonement He helps us become more like Him!

Happiness ;)

“Any choice not to keep the Lord’s commandments can cause the Spirit to withdraw from our hearts. With that loss, happiness diminishes.” –President Henry B. Eyring

Vice-versa, any choice to keep the Lord’s commandments can invite His Spirit into our lives bringing to us a greater measure of happiness!



Have you ever had something happen…

And said to yourself–again!

Something that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling…

You can’t understand its meaning.

Words can’t describe completely how you truly feel,

And you want it to be unreal.

But it is a reality!

Time will tell your own capacity…

Yet as time goes by it is no longer about you.

Healing comes when we question-who?

Who puts negative thoughts inside?

You must let go so they no longer abide.

Who can help you heal?

Someone understands your feelings are deep and real.

A faithful friend is always there.

He understands when you feel no one could care.

It’s okay to cry.

He knows why.

He loves you more than you can tell.

He has power over death and hell.

Have you guessed the One?

God loved us so He gave us his Son.

I pray we can turn to Him in times of need.

He will answer, God willing indeed!

Just Because…

A B C and 1 2 3

I love Mommy!

Just because your child doesn’t–

doesn’t mean they don’t know it–

they intuitively seek learning,

in every stage of life; and, furthermore,

return the favor as we come to learn too–

to see with the eyes of a child–

there is beauty all around, and God made it that way 😉

Lifting Us Up!

Today was a rainy day and I felt like cuddling up in a blanket to watch a movie with my daughter so she would take a nap and I could too, but I decided to watch a video clip on turning outside ourselves instead of taking a nap. It made me think of my potential in serving others. So instead of “dreaming of mansions above”–I woke up to “do something more.”1 I decided to share the greatest motivation in my life–the love of our Savior with those who care to listen. Instead of thinking of a rainy day as a forlorn storm, I hope we can think of the rain in reference to our Savior Jesus Christ who has overcome the storm so we can start anew–and who helps us to grow as do the flowers after they receive rain.

“Celebrate the gift of victory over every fall…sorrow…discouragement …[or]fear we have ever faced—to say nothing of our resurrection from death and forgiveness for our sins…Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life.”-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 2

I know Jesus Christ lives and that as we turn to Him, he will help us overcome!


Parental Units

I recently watched a film in which a mother and father switched traditional roles. Since the father had been out of work for quite some time, he cared for the youngest child while the others were in school and the mom was at work. The baby’s first word was “Fahme” in reference to a father mommy and the mother seemed heartbroken to hear it wasn’t mommy; yet, at the same time she was excited at the prospect of taking on more responsibilities at work. I couldn’t help but feel sad for this mother, however, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I was able to be home for my baby’s first words. I realize that it is not always possible to have an ideal home-life, but when it comes to parental roles, I believe that the happiest parents are those who are as involved in their children’s lives as possible.

“There is no greater honor, no more elevated title, and no more important role in this life than that of mother or father.”–Bonnie L. Oscarson 1

I hope to be able to teach my children the importance of being good parents. I agree completely with Oscarson’s daughter Abby when she said, “I feel like it could be easy in this world for a child to get the sense that being a parent is a secondary job or even sometimes a necessary inconvenience. I want every child to feel like they are the most important priority to their parent.” I don’t want to be like the conflicted mother in the film, I want my children to know they are a priority in my life. I know as I follow the principles found in the The Family Proclamation 2(to which Oscarson refers in the full scripts referred to below) that my children will come to know this for themselves.