“People of earlier times experienced solitude in ways we cannot imagine in our crowded and busy world….It is important to be still and listen and follow the Spirit. We simply have too many distractions to capture our attention, unlike any time in the history of the world. Everyone needs time to meditate and contemplate.” ELDER M. RUSSELL BALLARD

I strongly agree with what Elder Ballard has said. This is one reason I decided to start a blog in order to reflect upon some of the more important things in life and to hopefully encourage others to do the same. I often ask myself how I can make better use of my time. This question has roots in my priorities. What are the most important things in life? Family and healthy relationships are critical. How is my relationship with God and how in tune am I to His Spirit? If I want a healthy relationship with others I need to take time to revitalize my Spirit in meditation and contemplation of God’s majesty and power in my life and in His written words found in scripture. If I have too many technological attachments (i.e. TV, i-pod, radio, text-messaging, etc.) distracting me then I don’t have the quiet time needed in order to hear the quiet whisperings and feel the inspiration of the Spirit of God. Heeding this Spirit will give my life the direction needed to help me make those important decisions on how to spend my time on what’s important even critical to finding happiness and meaning in my life.

To find the full text of Elder Ballard’s talk see CES Devotional for Young Adults • May 4, 2014 • San Diego, California at the following link:



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