“Using our agency to obey means choosing to ‘do what is right [and letting] the consequence follow.’ It requires self-mastery and brings confidence, eternal happiness, and a sense of fulfillment to us.” Elder Robert D. Hales

<a href=”” title=”If Ye Love Me Keep My Commandments”>

This to me is a highly motivating quote because if you know you haven’t been living up to your potential it tells you why it is worth it to get going again on your worthwhile goals–you will have confidence again and a sense of fulfillment leading to eternal happiness! Elder Hales article “If ye Love me Keep my Commandments” also expresses the idea that our love for the Savior is what motivates us to be obedient to his commandments. How can we then develop that love? It is a gift from God and we must first pray for His help to cultivate that love within ourselves. Then we must act upon what we receive and strive to emulate the example the Savior set for us of loving service to others. How can we better use our God-given talents to help lift others as He did? I think if we asked ourselves this question each day we would be closer to living up to our true potential. We are God’s children and He loves us and desires our happiness–I know if we ask for His help in developing our self-mastery that He can help us achieve this worthy goal!


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