Have you ever had something happen…

And said to yourself–again!

Something that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling…

You can’t understand its meaning.

Words can’t describe completely how you truly feel,

And you want it to be unreal.

But it is a reality!

Time will tell your own capacity…

Yet as time goes by it is no longer about you.

Healing comes when we question-who?

Who puts negative thoughts inside?

You must let go so they no longer abide.

Who can help you heal?

Someone understands your feelings are deep and real.

A faithful friend is always there.

He understands when you feel no one could care.

It’s okay to cry.

He knows why.

He loves you more than you can tell.

He has power over death and hell.

Have you guessed the One?

God loved us so He gave us his Son.

I pray we can turn to Him in times of need.

He will answer, God willing indeed!


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