What did I do?

Have you ever done something you later regretted, but at the time it seemed like a good idea?  I may have recently been informed by someone dear to me that I had done something socially impaired and I had no idea at the time the impacts it made on other people. Without going into details, I will try to explain the effects. One person who was most directly effected had a great time as a result of my decision. However a second party inadvertently didn’t have as good a time because of this first person, and it was my fault. This second party was the reason for the ‘good times together’ and I felt awful so I called them up to ask forgiveness which they frankly gave. This helped me see a parallel with the Savior. Even though we all mess up, the Savior is willing to  infinitely forgive us for the wrongs we do as we strive to repent. We also do nothing of ourselves to merit the good He gives us and through the atonement He helps us become more like Him!


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